Installations and equipment

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The naval maintenance and repair work shipyard is equipped with a high capacity boatlift to elevate fishing vessels, service boats and pleasure crafts; it also has a Grove RT 880 crane.

Handling operations by Port staff include attending to the vessel in the inner harbour; lifting it out of the water using the boatlift or mobile crane; supporting it at the parking slot; returning it to the water via the boatlift.

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The supply of fresh water and shore power; availability of access tower, high pressure cleaner, marine gangway.

Equipment available for waste collection

  • 1 15m3 skip for food waste (Marpol V);
  • 1 15m3 skip for metal and wire cables (Marpol V);
  • 1 15m3 skip for wood (Marpol V);
  • 1 750-litre oil tank with integrated retention for lubricating oil (Marpol I);
  • 1 drip tray for oil and fuel oil filters;
  • 1 pallet-box for used oil cans;
  • 1 cabinet for the recovery of used batteries.

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