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Mr. Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region chairs the Syndicat Mixte du Port de Dieppe.
The Comité Syndical is its deliberative assembly; it convenes regularly to decide on actions to be initiated in the Port. Representatives from the four territorial Authorities sit on the Committee: there are 6 regular delegates (3 for the Region; 1 for each of the local Authorities) and 6 alternate delegates. The participation of each Authority is proportionate to their budgetary contribution: Normandy Region 73%; Seine-Maritime Département 15%; Greater Dieppe-Maritime 8%, and City of Dieppe 4%.

Membership of the Comité Syndical

  • Hervé Morin, President of the Syndicat Mixte du Port de Dieppe; President of the Normandy Region
  • Jean-Christophe Lemaire, Vice-President of the Syndicat Mixte du Port de Dieppe, member; Councillor for the Département,
  • Thierry Dulière, Regional Councillor, member
  • Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, Vice-President of the Normandy Region, member;
  • Pierre Vogt, Regional Councillor, alternate;
  • Jean-François Bloc, Regional Councillor, alternate;
  • Valérie Garraud, Regional Councillor, alternate;
  • André Gautier, Vice-President of the Seine-Maritime Département, alternate;
  • Patrick Boulier, Vice-President of Greater Dieppe-Maritime, member;
  • Franck Sottou, - Vice-President of Greater Dieppe-Maritime, alternate;
  • Sébastien Jumel, Mayor of the City of Dieppe, member;
  • Lucien Lecanu, Deputy-Mayor of the City of Dieppe, alternate.

The Port Council

The Port Council is a consultative body responsible for representing both the players and the users involved in the Port’s management. It convenes once a year to state its position on organisation, management and investment projects.

‘Syndicat Mixte’ of the Channel Port de Dieppe Leadership


  • Marie-Dominique Fouchault, Executive Port Director ‘Syndicat Mixte’
  • Hugues Alisevich, Deputy Executive Port Director Technical Department
  • Mathieu Marc, Technical Officer
  • Antoine Blondel, Operations Officer, Deputy Technical Officer, Port Security Officer
  • José Ferreira, Maintenance Officer
  • Eric Augustin, Fishing activities Officer
  • Pascal Lambert, Marina Master
  • Sébastien Thomas, Repair Shipyard Manager
  • Jean Thominette, Bridge Foreman


  • Vincent Hôpital, Head of Administration


Representing the Authority invested with the exercise of Port Policing Powers, the Harbourmaster and his Maritime Traffic Department (STM) acting as lookout, ensure vessel traffic regulation. Moreover, acting in the name of the ‘Syndicat Mixte’ of the Port de Dieppe, they plan the moves of mobile equipment and allocate berths to commercial vessels.

  • Thierry Brocquet, Harbourmaster

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