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The dry port was retrofitted in the former dry dock – 125m long, 18m wide and 9.5m deep – a unique example in France of enhancement and preservation of maritime heritage. An innovative logistics solution applied to the marine environment.

Equipped with an innovative logistics solution applied to the marine environment, the dry dock is organised on 4 levels to fit 292 motorboats of up to 7.4 metres. Fitted with racks and an automated boat elevator system (MEPS), it is also equipped with a rail-guided boatlift platform built by ‘ACG Automatisme’, a company based in Normandy.

Watch time-lapse video of dry dock construction

The dry dock is organised over 4 levels fitting 292 motorboats of up to 7.4 metres.
The dry dock is the answer to boaters’ expectations. It has also freed up plenty of space in the Ango marina for sailboats and for the future service boats that will service the Alabaster Coast’s offshore wind farms 24/7.

Investments for the development of nautical activities.

The planned development of areas around the dry dock will generate additional nautical and tourist activities on Pollet Island. Ship chandlers and service providers have been included in the the ground floor development for the benefit of users; housing facilities, a food court and a residential hotel (self-catering) will be located in the upper floors.

30 July 2015: The first manoeuvres!