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The Channel Port of Dieppe is ideally located to act as a logistics base for the Dieppe - Le Tréport offshore wind farm. It also plays a major part in Normandy’s regional offer. The Port contributes to the regional and national schemes enhancing the development of renewable energies and offshore wind energy.

The construction of the future Dieppe - Le Tréport offshore wind farm is a historic opportunity to develop port and industrial activities, and qualified jobs for a number of decades. The Port of Dieppe and the three business clusters Dieppe-Navals, Dieppe Meca Energies and Vialog have invested all their energy in the success of this very long-term project.

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The Channel Port of Dieppe is ideally located to act as a logistics base for offshore wind projects. The Port is one of the major bidders in Normandy’s regional offer, next to the Greater Maritime Port of Le Havre and the Port of Le Tréport. Thanks to the professionalism of its work force, the quality of its infrastructures and the experience acquired in unloading on-land wind turbine parts, Dieppe is a natural homeport.

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Whilst the ‘Syndicat Mixte’ of the Port of Dieppe will ensure the development of offshore wind power whilst remaining respectful of fisheries activities, it will also highlight the contribution its skills and assets can bring to turn the Dieppe region and the Alabaster Coast into a centre of excellence for energy production: space available in the outer-port and in the commercial port for maintenance and logistics activities; a service offer for the mooring and maintenance of service boats; major port services (towing, pilotage, dredging, mooring); a shipyard and a number of clusters such as Dieppe-Navals, Dieppe Meca Energies and Vialog, grouped according to specialist businesses; a new shipyard; a business centre close by; etc.
The engagement of the Normandy Region along side the Channel Port of Dieppe comes as a sure sign boosting the trust of companies and investors: over €60 million in new projects have already been committed up until 2020, i.e. the refurbishment of the Ango Basin, making it available to wind farm maintenance vessels free of any tidal constraint, the upgrading of a wharf for heavy packages in the outer harbour, etc.
Along side the Normandy Region, the ‘Syndicat Mixte’ of the Channel Port of Dieppe will commit in favour of the energy transition and rise to this major challenge of the 21st century.