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Investments and Projects

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Some €60 million in investments have been committed up until 2020 by the ‘Syndicat Mixte’ for further upgrading of the Port.

The 2015 to 2020 Multi-Annual Investment Programme adopted by the Comité Syndical on 22 January 2015 paves the way for new development prospects and becomes a Blue Growth driver for the Channel Port of Dieppe and the Normandy Region.

Major investments so the Channel Port of Dieppe will remain:

The ‘Syndicat Mixte’ secures a balanced development of all maritime activities.
• A Port of reference - for offshore wind farm maintenance;
• A privileged partner Port - for all local companies involved in maritime trade;
• A Port acknowledged for its optimisation of operating conditions on the Cross-Channel Dieppe-Newhaven line;
• A Port favoured for the unloading of quality products by its small-scale fishing and the promotion of King Scallops;
• An exemplary Marina fitted with a unique dry port built in a former refurbished dry dock;
• A preferred Port on the Channel coast - for the quality of its public amenities and ship repairing businesses.
Mapping of on-going projects managed by the ‘Syndicat Mixte’ of the Channel Port of Dieppe.

Point 1
Outer –harbour development

Point 2
Bassin d’Ango refurbishment

Point 3
Refitting of Cross-Channel ferry gateway

Point 4
Acquisition of mobile crane on air suspension for maritime trade

Point 5
Restoration & construction of port buildings

Point 6
Maintenance & strengthening of fixed structures - quays, piers

Point 7
Replacement of Colbert Bridge

Point 3
Construction of buildings and land development around dry dock

Point 9
Improvement of fish unloading conditions and commercialisation of sea products

Point 10
Repair-work on mole and re-engineering of area


Programme pluriannuel d’investissement 2015-2020 January 2015 PDF - 2.6 Mb
Schéma d’aménagement du Port de Dieppe April 2010 PDF - 8.8 Mb


Projects anchoring the Port in modern times:

  • Development of a multi-purpose quay in outer harbour for offshore wind industry with fuelling station for offshore service boats, fishing vessels, and Cross-Channel vessels;
  • Refurbishment of Ango basin for offshore wind farm service boats; spatial management of spaces around the dry port for the development of water sports activities and tourism (see plans above);
  • Installing a paint booth for naval repairs at fishing and marina shipyard;
  • Refitting the Cross-Channel ferry gateway;
  • Acquisition of a new mobile crane for heavy loads to be used for commercial maritime trade;
  • Repair-work on mole;
  • Maintenance & strengthening of fixed structures for east and west piers and following quays: quais de la Cale, du Hâble, de Québec, de l’Avenir, de la Somme Nord & Sud;
  • Replacement of Colbert Bridge: project management entrusted to SETEC in November 2014 – Explorations architecture.