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The Channel Port of Dieppe is located in Normandy. It is among the top ranking harbours with commercial shellfish harvesters bringing in over 2,000 tonnes of scallops each year.

Normandy small-scale fishing promotes high quality fish and shellfish harvested inshore.
A fleet of 80 commercial shellfish harvesters, trawlers and gillnetters, and over 5,000 tons of landed fishing products - scallop, bass, bream, red gurnard, monkfish, place, turbot, whiting, striped red mullet, herring, lobster, John Dory, sole, lemon sole, pollack, cod, limpet, mackerel, weever, conger eel, crab, squid, cuttlefish. Each one enhances Dieppe’s fame!
Auctioning of sea products at Dieppe has been computerized and is done in connection with auctioning in Fécamp.

[The Fishermen’s Market>rub72] on quai Trudaine sells seafood, freshly harvested inshore by the local small-scale fishing industry; it supplies fish to an extensive regional base as well as to tourists.

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Fishing and its related activities – auctioning, wholesale fish sales, processing and retail, all contribute to the development of Normandy’s coast and its spatial development.

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