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Port staff is available at the Marine Office located on the ground floor of the Ango Building. The Marina Office delivers access to all sanitation facilities and amenities, as well as to the Club House on the 1st floor -– a recreational facility run by the Dieppe Yacht Club and open to all boaters.


Marina Office Canal 9

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Comfort services and amenities

The Jehan Ango basin is located near the city centre shopping area. Available: a fuelling pontoon open 24/7 and accessible with a bank card (diesel and super 95); a WiFi system; the most modern sanitation facilities and amenities, access to water and electricity (16A/220V) on the pontoons, a waste water pumping station; a video-surveillance system; and a controlled access system to enter the pontoons and car parks.

Marina users benefit from the capacities of the GROVE RT 880 mobile crane for the lifting out of, and lowering into the water of their craft. A refitting area is also available, with work areas outfitted with all the necessary required equipment. Naval repair firms have consolidated into a business cluster called Dieppe Navals, and offer all the necessary services yachtsmen need for the maintenance and repair of their pleasure crafts.

Waste management
Various open-access disposal points are available.
Quai Henri IV and quai Duquesne
There are several Marpol V disposal points (food waste, dunnage, paper, rags, glass, metal, bottles, dishware):
Brown/green 700-litre containers have been installed along the pavement on quai Henri IV and quai du Hâble for food waste recovery;
100-litre bins have been placed along the port’s road system for food waste recovery;
Green containers for glass collection are located at two disposal points along quai Henri IV and quai du Hâble;
Yellow containers are available at one disposal point on quai Henri IV for paper and cardboard disposal.

Shipyard on quai Henri IV
The following waste can be disposed of at the shipyard (Marpol I):
• 1 l,000-liter oil tank with integrated retention for lubricating oil;
• 1 pallet-box for empty oil cans;
• 1 pallet-box for solvent and paint cans;
• 1 pallet-box for soiled rags.
Wastewater pumping station.
A bilge water pumping station is available at the fuel pontoon. As it is fitted with a hydrocarbon separator, waters can be discharged straight into the Ango basin. A grey water and black water pumping station redirects wastewater to the sewage system.

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Launch slipway: direct access to the Channel high waters
The launch slipway on quai de la Somme allows visiting boaters direct access to the Channel high waters.

CLUPIPP - Local Committee for Year-round Users of Marina Facilities
• The Local Committee for Year-round Users of Marina Facilities (CLUPIPP) involves marina users in the management of the Dieppe Marina. Each boater is invited to take out a CLUPIPP membership. This can be done by sending an e-mail to:, or by sending a letter to CLUPIPP-SMPD 24, quai du carénage - 76200 DIEPPE - France.